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10 Best Royalty-Free Stock Photo Sites 2018

10 Best Royalty-Free Stock Photo Sites 2018
A selection of sites with beautiful high-resolution, royalty-free images for personal or commercial use. 


1. Burst by Shopify

Photo credit: Matthew Henry  

What we love:

  • Captured with ecommerce in mind, these beautiful stock photos are suitable for various industries.
  • Navigate and search for photos easily, with its wide variety of collections.

2. Unsplash

Photo credit: Josh Calabrese

What we love:

  • Extensive library of over 300,000 beautiful high-resolution stock photos, with thousands more added every day.
  • Royalty-free for commercial use.

    3. Life of Pix

    Photo credit:


    What we love:

    • More than a thousand true-to-life, high-resolution stock photos, that includes everything from food and people, to architecture and textures.
    • 10 new photos added weekly from a curated Photographer of the Week.
    • Copyright free images for commercial use, but some restrictions apply for distributors.

    4. Startup Stock

    Photo credit: Eric Bailey & Sculpt  

    What we love:

    • Beautiful, high-resolution stock images for startups, bloggers, designers, and developers.
    • Great for tech-related websites, with plenty of laptop, desk, and office-related shots.

      5. Pexels

      Photo credit: Daria Shevtsova

      What we love:

      • Massive collection of over 40,000 artistic stock images for you to explore, from mountains to music.
      • Over 3,000 new photos added every month.
      • Perfect for personal or commercial use.

        6. PikWizard

        Photo credit:  

        What we love:

        • High quality photos with a focus on people.
        • Impressive library of over 100,000 free images, with 20,000 that are exclusive to the site itself. New images are added daily, with the eventual goal of making over a million images available. 
        • 100% free for commercial use without the need for attribution!

        7. Free Nature Stock

        Photo credit: Adrian Pelletier  

        What we love:

        • Hundreds of curated high-quality and royalty-free nature photos with dozens more added every month.
        • All images are free for commercial use, with or without attribution.

        8. Pixabay

        Photo credit: Konevi  

        What we love:

        • Over 1.3 million photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos to choose from.
        • Free for commercial use, making it a great choice for advertisers.

        9. FoodiesFeed

        Photo credit: Jakub Kapusnak  

        What we love:

        • Almost a thousand high quality, food stock photos available.
        • Easy to use, with its search functionality and tags.
        • Royalty-free, and free for commercial use.

        10. Bucketlistly

        Photo credit: Pete Rojwongsuriya

        What we love:

        • Over 5,000 travel stock photos from around the world - Russia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Peru, France and more. A great choice for travel-related websites.
        • High-quality photos free for personal use (as long as you provide attribution).


          Now that you’ve taken a look at the best places online to get free, stunning images for your website, it's time to let your creative juices flow!

          Note: Pssst. Always double check the licensing for each stock photo resource. While this list was put together with care and research, licensing is subject to change and could differ according to photographer. 



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