8 Time Management Tips for Goal-Getters

8 Time Management Tips for Goal-Getters

Everyone has the same amount of time each day. So why do some people achieve more goals and success than others? How do we balance goal achievement and quality of life? We have here the most effective tips for managing time.

1. Set goals that are SMART.

Goals have to be specific, meaningful, achievable, relevant, time-based. 

2. Use a time management system that works for you.

There are many systems, but one of those we think is effective is the quadrant system based on urgency and importance. To break it down, things could be both important and urgent, either important or urgent, or neither. If something is neither important nor urgent, you may want to cut it out. 

3. Do your most important tasks in the morning.

Completing your biggest tasks in the morning will give you a sense of achievement and momentum to get the rest of the day going. 

4. Have good core habits.

Core habits are those that kickstart more good habits. An example is thinking and speaking positively. Negativity induces stress and drama, which is a time waster. Being positive generates happiness and increases productivity.

5. Take frequent breaks when working.

5 minutes every hour is a great way for your brain and body to recharge and go the extra mile. 

6. Exercise or meditate everyday.

Keeping your mind and body in good health is crucial to keep you going in the long run. 

7. Create to-do lists for the next day. 

Make small goals to get you closer to the bigger ones which take longer. This lets you know you're on your way there. 

8. Declutter and organize.

Decluttering and organizing gets rid of excess stuff that we do not need and help us focus better. When we focus, we do more with our time. 

With all that said, remember to spend time on things like taking a walk with the dog and listening to your favourite music. These help you keep your balance, which is a necessary propeller for you to continue chasing those goals of yours.


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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