5 Minutes with... Helene Chung

5 Minutes with... Helene Chung


Creating a successful business requires a team, which is why it can be so difficult for entrepreneurs to get started on their own while maintaining the integrity of their products and services. Fortunately, the internet era we live in today connects us with the resources that make it possible to chase – and reach – our dreams.

Helene Chung manages a successful children’s product store Nature-K on Shopify with the help of Jumpstart Commerce, offering incredible and unique, environmentally-friendly children’s products you won’t find anywhere else.


Korean moms, like Helene, are widely familiar with organic toys and tableware, but when she left her position at a multi-national company to stay home with her daughter in Singapore, she realized organic children’s goods were not as accessible there.

Everyone does their best to ensure the safety of the food their babies eat, but what about the utensils your babies use or the toys they play with? Bringing these products to Singaporean parents not only helps them protect their kids, but also helps us all protect the environment in which we’re raising this next generation.



Helene created an online presence that would allow her to market to Singapore as well as overseas parents who want something unique and stimulating for their children. She worked with Jumpstart Commerce to create Nature K on Shopify and has since enjoyed a fairly steady success that allows her to remain at home with her own daughter.

The products offered on Nature K range from bamboo handkerchiefs for baby’s sensitive face and biodegradable sippy cups that are made of corn but work like plastic, to an educational chair assembly kit that’s made of strong corrugated paper and a variety of natural, polished wooden toys.




Nature K’s product line is not only dedicated to environmentally-responsible materials and manufacturing, but also the simulation and development of your child. Each toy focuses on a set of intellectual, tactile, auditory, visual and even aromatic elements that offer an enhanced educational and developmental experience.

The best part of selling online for Helene was that she was able to start small with no physical location, and then grow her organic kid’s product business to reach overseas families with a flexible and efficient management interface.

Visit Nature K here:





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